Irish family claims €38.9m EuroMillions jackpot anonymously

A small pool of family members from Dublin, Ireland, collected a “life-changing” €38.9 million (US$46.5 million) EuroMillions lottery jackpot prize on Monday morning, following their huge win earlier this month.

The family members, who all wish to remain anonymous, bought the winning EuroMillions jackpot quick pick on the day of the draw, Friday December 29, at The Village Shop in Malahide.

Collecting their prize, the ecstatic family said that the last week has been a blur and revealed they are slowly coming to terms with their new-found wealth.

A family spokesman said, “This is life changing. It is amazing to think that we and our family members are now secure for the rest of our lives. But we won’t go crazy. We have no plans to move to the moon.”

“I play EuroMillions regularly and I checked my ticket as normal in a shop the morning after the draw,” the family spokesman continued. “A message came up to contact the National Lottery. I knew then we had won. I was dizzy.”

The man explained it was an emotional day for the family as they learned they were multi-millionaires.

He added, “We stayed in all day. There were lots of emotions. We kept looking at each other laughing and crying.

“You always hope that someday you would win a jackpot, but never really believe it will happen. For us our dreams have come true. We had a friend staying and we broke the news to him on Sunday.

“He said he could not believe he was sleeping under the same roof as people who had won almost €39 million!

“We watched the TV coverage from the winning shop in Malahide on Thursday and some of the media videos taken in the shop. And we kept saying: ‘This is us!'”

As for what to do with the money, the family have plenty of ideas.

The winner said, “We haven’t had much sleep in the last week. We will take our time before we make any big changes.

“We would like to start our own business and maybe look at buying a new house later this year.

“We will take a sun holiday in May or June, possibly the Bahamas or the Maldives we will see! What is great is that we can look after family and help make their lives easier also. That will give us great pleasure.”

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