Profit From Sweepstakes: How To Win Cash, Trips & Merchandise

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People are winning millions in sweepstakes prizes FREE. Stop wishing it was you, and start winning like a pro.

Discover the secrets to winning sweepstakes and contests, and grab your share.

Every day, people just like you are receiving emails that say “Congratulations!” that let them know they won a free vacation, house, car or a gift certificate to shop at a major retailer. Absolutely anyone can receive prizes like these, yet most people don’t enter sweepstakes.

You may have noticed that certain people seem to win free stuff all the time, while others go through life never winning a thing. If this sounds like you, it’s time to turn that around. If you were wondering if there’s a trick involved to winning, yes, there are lots of tricks involved.

I have mastered all of them.

You can win, too, if you know the tricks insiders like I use. After 12+ years as a “power sweeper,” I know all the ins and outs and shortcuts to nailing the prizes, and I’ve received more than my share of those exciting “Congratulations!” emails. With a background as a winner and a giveaway-runner, I have extensive knowhow about the business of awarding prizes.

This comprehensive guide to winning sweepstakes was written for people at all levels – from newbie to experienced pro in the US, UK and Canada. “Profit From Sweepstakes” guides newbies on how to get started using very specific info about which computer and software to use, where to find sweepstakes, how to deal with winning notifications and what to expect as far as receiving prizes.

And even better, I spill all my winning secrets that will help experienced sweepers optimize their system and win even more.

Read the book for insider info on these topics, and many others:

•Why being lucky matters less than you think
•How to beat the odds by entering creative contests
•Why most giveaways aren’t scams & the few which are
•How to set up filters to capture your winning notifications
•Rules and tax info for sweepers in the UK and Canada
•Strategies that save you time and work when entering
•Finding local sweepstakes & giveaways in unusual places
•Entering blog, mobile, mail-in, social media sweeps & more!

Every day, there are thousands of sweepstakes available for you to enter and win – far more than anybody has time for. Best of all, it’s FREE to enter all of them.

Oh, and here’s a dirty little secret they don’t want you to know about: The odds of winning a free sweepstakes, even large cash prizes, are as good or better than lottery tickets. So if you’re wasting your money on the lottery, stop it right now. Sweepstakes are a better way to win. I would know, because I won more than $12,000 in cold, hard cash and seven flyaway trips.

“Profit From Sweepstakes” was written in a light conversational tone that’s fun to read. But don’t let that fool you – it’s about playing to win, whipping the competition and nailing the prize.

Ready to receive free gifts in the mail, and not just bills and junk mail? If you are, then act now.

“Profit From Sweepstakes” comes with two free bonus books: Making money at home answering surveys and how to set up and run your own “mom blog” in one hour. You’ll find links to the PDF files at the end of the book.

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